The Gough Map of Great Britain: can a 600-year-old map reveal any new secrets?

Nick Millea - Map Librarian at Bodleian Libraries
Event date
Event time
13:00 - 14:00
Weston Library
Broad Street
Venue details

Weston Library lecture theatre, main entrance on Broad Street

Event type
Lectures and seminars
Event cost
Disabled access?
Booking required

Many names and soubriquets have been attributed to the medieval Gough Map over the centuries, but new research made possible by recent scientific advances is delivering previously unimaginable solutions to the manuscript’s story. We will describe the map, then explore how hyperspectral imaging, Raman spectroscopy, and 3D imagery is helping deliver a whole new interpretation into the creative thinking behind the oldest surviving geographically-recognisable cartographic representation of Great Britain. We will reveal how this Bodleian treasure continues to enlighten as one of the Library’s ‘Talking maps’.

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